Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gluten For Punishment A Baker's Treat Mystery by Nancy J Parra is a Treat to Read

Gluten For Punishment by Nancy J Parra is the first in a new cozy mystery series and one not to be missed.

Gluten for Punishment (A Baker's Treat Mystery, #1)

Toni Holmes opens a new Gluten Free Bakery in her home town only problem is it is a small town in Kansas. Wheat country is a hard place to open up a bakery that is for wheat free goodies. Not everyone is happy she is opening the bakery and at the grand opening George, a wheat farmer, heckles her and then someone throws wheat flour on her. When George ends up murdered in front of Baker's Treat, Toni's bakery, it makes it even harder for her to get her bakery up and running and to fit in as part of the business community, especially when she is one of the suspects. Toni's Grandma Ruth and Toni decide to clear Toni's name by investigating the murder themselves.  That only leads to more problems for Toni and her bakery, threats and another murder.  Toni has to clear her name before her new business is ruined and she becomes the next victim.

I loved this book. Toni is a strong independent woman who is determined to make a go of her bakery. Grandma Ruth is a spunky, eccentric, go getter, been around the corner a time or two, older woman on a scooter who seems to be in the middle of everything and never backs down to anything or anyone. I love Grandma Ruth. Toni has sworn off men after her divorce, but of course she has two good looking men who are vying for her attention.  She doesn't have time for them with the murders, her new business, and her investigating, which includes both men, trying to find who the murderer could be. 

This book is unique and I love the way Nancy J Parra has brought the need for gluten and allergy free baking into being part of the plot and mystery. She has very interesting fun characters and you find yourself thinking of people in your life that they remind you of.  You just get so involved in the book that you really can feel like you could be  a part of this small town and  community. She gives you enough possible suspects and twists in the story to keep you wanting to read more. I couldn't put the book down it was a great book.

One of my favorite parts is when Grandma Ruth is telling Toni they need to investigate the murder themselves and clear Toni's name and Toni is reminding her that they aren't investigators
Toni says " We are not equipped to solve crimes. Besides, my superhero cape is at the dry cleaners" Grandma snorted. " I don't need a cape. I was an investigative reporter for years." pg 93

I highly recommend this book and series. This is going on my favorite series list.

There is a plus too, the book has gluten free recipes at the end. I can't wait to give them a try.

If you want more info about this book and series check out Nancy J Parra's site at

The next book in the series is coming May 6, 2014 Murder Gone A-Rye Book two in the Baker's Treat series.

Hope you will check out this  book and series as well as  Nancy's other series




  1. This one is on my to be read list, so it's nice to know the book is good.

  2. It is unique and very good Mark. I like the quirky characters and since I have to eat gluten free it was fun to read and have that be part of the mystery and plot hope you enjoy. When you read it let me know what you think