Thursday, October 19, 2017

Asking For Truffle is a scrumptious cozy mystery

Asking For Truffle A Southern Chocolate Shop Mystery by Dorothy St. James is a scrumptious cozy mystery that delivers an exceptional fun read.

Penn gets a strange letter saying she has won chocolate making lessons at a beach town on South Carolina. She never entered a contest so she asks her friend to check it out but when Skinny is murdered Penn's guilt for asking him for help propels her to go and find out who killed him? Will she find the answers she seeks or will she become a victim too? Who is trying to scam her and why and did it lead to Skinny's death?

This is a very fun, engaging read. Penn is a very cautious, inquisitive woman who doesn't trust easily. She has had her share of rejection and people trying to scam her out of an inheritance that she can't or doesn't want to touch. She isn't always a good judge of character so she tends to suspect everyone of trying to deceive her and want something from her. When she meets the women, Bertie and Mabel who have the Chocolate Box where the letter came from she seems to let her guard down some. Mabel who owns the shop is a person you just can't help loving. She finds a chip in Penn's wall and starts wheedling her way in. There are some characters that just make you dislike and distrust them like Jody and Mabel's children. Then there is the good looking smooth talking Cal that seems to be just a little to chummy and slick if you ask me. Harley seems to be a straight shooter but still you just aren't sure of him either.  The author makes the characters so complex that one minute you love them and the next you are suspecting them and not liking them at all. I always love a mystery that you have to keep reading and guessing to the end which is exactly what this one does. Penn is strong yet vulnerable, a woman who wants a family since her father didn't want her and her Mother abandoned her when she was born. She is likeable and you find yourself connecting easily with her and hoping she will find her happy ending when all is said and done. The ending is a little predictable but still the journey getting to the end has some twists and turns. I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next book.

All in all this is a delightful, interesting fun mystery with complex interesting characters and a good plot. The chocolate recipes included sound delectable too.

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Fun Interesting Unique Mystery

The Case of the Clobbered Cad A Nosy Parkers Mystery by Debra E Marvin is a wonderful, fun, exciting, mystery that keeps you guessing to the end. I really enjoyed reading this book and could not put it down.

Heather Munro finds herself in Scotland going to the University for her degree in Celtic History. She thinks she has gotten the ideal job when she lands the position in the Archives room of the University oh boy if only she knew. Her first night on the job is not what she expected. When she steps out of the room and comes back to find a body things get dangerous and interesting. Heather finds herself one of the suspects and has to find who really is the murderer and clear her name. Can she, like Nancy Drew, find the answers she seeks in the murder case with the help of her friends Mrs Kintyre and Tom Brown?

Heather is smart but tends to put herself in danger without thinking about it. She has good instincts and gumption but also a soft somewhat naive side that can lead her into trouble at times. I love her land lady Mrs Kintyre. She has spunk and is up to a good challenge. She reminds me a little of Miss Marple. I found myself liking several of the people but others sent my radar up while still others I just plain did not care for which included DI Payne. He was mean, ARROGANT and intimidating. I loved how Mrs Kintrye did not let him bully her or Heather and stood up to him. This book just had the right mix of unique and interesting characters.

If you like a good mystery which has all the right ingredients starting with a great setting, strong characters, a good plot with many turns and enough suspects to keep you guessing then this is the book for you. Right from the first page this book grabs you and takes you on a ride to the very end. If you like Nancy Drew or Agatha Christie mysteries you will enjoy this one too.
I highly recommend this book. 5 stars

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Assaulted Caramel by Amanda Flower is the first fantastic book in a new Amish Candy Shop Mystery series.  It is fresh, emotional, fun and made up of strong characters that you love and others you despise. The story takes you on a roller coaster of emotions as you try to figure out who has murdered the despicable Tyson Colton and why. The way Amanda Flower weaves the Amish community in with the Englischers  makes it the fabric of the mystery. I loved it and definately look forward to the next book in the series.

Bailey returns to Ohio to check on her Grandfather who is ill but finds the Amish community being targeted by Tyson Colton.  When she arrives and Colton is badgering her Grandfather causing him to collapse it sets her up as a suspect when Tyson is found by Bailey dead in her grandparents kitchen in their Amish Candy Shop Swissmen   Sweets. Bailey has to help her grandparents keep their business going, clear her name and figure out who really killed Tyson.

Bailey is a strong, confident, smart character that seems to be able to hold her own. I think how she handles the arrogant demanding Eileen mother of the bride is awesome. Her chocolate expertise keeps Eileen at bay and her Grandparents business from being maligned by the wicked Eileen. When she meets Juliet and Jethro her pet pig I HAD TO LAUGH. I think her reaction is so funny seeing a pig in a Church and you just have to love Jethro. Aiden the sheriff deputy is compassionate yet smart and doesn't hold a grudge against the Amish unlike his boss the sheriff. When Cass, Baileys best friend, shows up and her quirkiness as well as her smart mouth adds a fun element to the situation. Cass as Baileys side kick in the investigation has a comical relief element and yet her straight forwardness seems to get some results. All characters from Bailey right down to Jethro the pig makes the book work and keeps you engrossed in the story.

I laughed, got angry, cried and stewed right along with the story. This book is a great mixture of love, family, faith and friendship. If you like a good mystery, set in a small town with an Amish Community as part of the plot, strong unique characters, with twists and turns on an emotional roller coaster, and so many suspects that make you wonder whodunit to the end then you must read this book. The ending was a surprise but I won't spoil it for you.  I couldn't put it down. I would give it 5 stars.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fascinating Historical Mystery

Benjamin Franklin and the Quaker Murders by John Harmon McElroy is a wonderful mixture of history and mystery.

I love history and a good mystery so with this book I have the best of both worlds. John Harmon McElroy weaves a story of murder into the fabric of post Revolutionary Philadelphia using Benjamin Franklin as the main investigator incognito who uses a Veteran of the War to do his leg work and investigating to prove Jacob Maul the father of John Maul who saved James life in the war, isn't the murderer of Mrs Coon or for that matter his wife either. James isn't so sure of Jacob's innocence but promises Benjamin Franklin that he would try to find the truth and help Jacob Maul.

I really found this book to be fascinating and the author goes into great detail to show the reader what post Revolutionary War America was like, the details of the place.and occupations  as well as the life of the people at that time. It really adds to the story and makes it another added dimension to the book as to the mystery.

I also like the fact that the author has Benjamin Franklin using his analytical  mind when he and James discuss what information they are finding about the murders.  The puzzle has so many interesting pieces that combine into a surprising but perfect ending.

This book is an unique mystery set in a historical place with interesting situations and twists in the puzzle that makes you think and puzzle out the mystery right along with Benjamin Franklin and his investigator James. If you like a good mystery, enjoy historical settings and like a good.puzzle that takes you to the end to figure out then you will like this book.

I would recommend this book to history buffs and mystery lovers as well as anyone else who enjoys a good read.

I received this book for my honest opinion and review.

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Excellent Fun Surprising Mystery in Ax To Grind by Tonya Kappes

Ax To Grind A Kenni Lowry Mystery by Tonya Kappes is a top-notch, down-home, fun small town mystery that leaves you with a smile and wanting more.

Sheriff Kenni Lowry has another murder on her hands when the assistant to the author Beryle Stone who has recently died is found dead. Beryle Stone left a tell all manuscript that has Cottonwood a buzz and gets Cecily her assistant murdered. With the ghost of Kenni' s Poppa and Deputy Finn Vincent helping her Kenni has to find the manuscript and the murderer before anyone else finds it or is hurt. Oh and if that isn't enough she has to deal with Momma who has taken it on herself to make sure Kenni is re-elected Sheriff.

I love this book. I could see myself right in the middle of all the hubbub in Cottonwood. Kenni is smart, strong-willed and yet has a good heart for others too. I have to say I laughed at all the ways Momma gets under Kenni' s skin with all her shenanigans. She is the typical Mother who will harp,  meddle and argue but turns into a Mother Bear when she thinks someone is wronging her daughter, oh boy watch out.

 Kenni's relationship with her Poppa touches my heart and is one of the things I like about this book and series. He, even as a ghost, is still ornery yet his mind for the investigation is as sharp as ever and I love when he does his  ghosting places to see what is going on for Kenni. I laughed so hard when Kenni finds out that her Poppa is the inspiration for one of the people in Beryle's steamy books. I could just see Poppa's face and Kenni' s too when she found out.

This book is just plain fun wrapped up in a good mystery with such a surprise ending. The town, the characters, the mystery with unique twists, and the paranormal aspect adds up to a must read don't want to miss book.

The only ax I have to grind is that when I finished the book I wanted more and I have to wait for the next book to come out. I loved this book and I highly recommend it. is a top-notch, down-home, fun small town mystery that leaves you with a smile and wanting more.

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Good intense fun cozy mystery

By The Fright of the Silvery Moon A Ned McNeil Mystery by Blanche Day Manos is a wonderful hair-raising, toe-curling, suspenseful, fun mystery you won't want to miss.

Ned has inherited her Uncle Javin's family home, Granger Mansion, and is trying to fulfill his request that she find out and write the history of the house. Her research unearths a mystery that just may be putting her in danger and leads to murder. Can she figure out the mystery of the house, the old church and the legend that surrounds both without being hurt or anyone else for that matter?

This is a great mixture of suspense, mystery, faith, friends and tension. I love how Blanche Manos combines just enough scary situations to keep you on the edge of your seat yet not terrifying to the point of you not wanting to read more.

This is the second book in the series and this second book picks up where the first one left off. It shows how Ned is settling in and finds her niche in EdnaLee. I enjoy the camaraderie of Ned and her friends Pat and Jackie, as well as her love interest in Cade. Whenever Ned gets into trouble she can count on them to jump right in and help her.

This book grabs you from the very first paragraph with Ned's nightmare and keeps you riding along through all the adventure until the end. It has twists that you don't see coming and a puzzle within a puzzle. When I got to the end I was already looking forward to the next book to see what Ned gets into.

I have to say Ned is braver than I would be. One example of this is when she hears a noise in her basement and decides to get a flashlight and go check it out. All I could think is don't go down there you know how that always ends in scary movies, nothing good ever happens.

I loved this book and I don't want to give any of it away so lets just say if you like a good mystery  with strong characters, good friends, good puzzles to figure out, and a few hair-raising situations you need to read this book.

Blanche Day Manos has a way with words that pulls you into the story and takes you on a ride right along with the characters in the book. I couldn't put it down. I can not wait to read the next book in the series.

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I give this book 5 Stars and a must read.

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Another Hit with Oh, Fudge by Nancy Coco

Oh Fudge by Nancy Coco has all the right ingredients, a wonderful setting on historic Mackinac Island, great characters, an unique puzzle and just enough tension that stirs up into a fantastic mystery.

I say this every time but I think this is the best book in the Candy Coated Mystery series thus far. Allie who is a strong, smart, kind person seems to have a knack for landing right in the middle of trouble.
 I just love how dedicated she is to the family business and making her Grandpa's legacy at the McMurphy a success. I have always wanted to go to Mackinac Island and this book takes me there with how the author paints the picture of the island and all its wonderful charm.
The camaraderie of Allie, Jenn, Frances, Mr Devaney and Sandy is another big part that makes this book and series work, they have become one big family and this book makes you feel as the reader a part of their group. Throw in the tension that Trent, Allies boyfriend , who I think doesn't appreciate Allie enough causes, of course I won't give it away but let's just say It just adds another dimension to the story. Oh  boy did Trent get my dander up with his shenanigans, I hope Allie moves on. I like Officer Rex better for her anyway.

Allie once again finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery but this time her cousin Torie is the most likely suspect when Allie finds her over the body in the Butterfly House. Allie had no idea Torie was even on the island and here she finds her holding the murder weapon over the body. How is Allie going to help prove Torie isn't the killer, even when Torie seems to have a grudge against her and stay out of danger herself? Who is the killer and why was Barbara, a person people disliked for many reasons, killed. Can Allie help solve this puzzle, run the McMurphy and Fudge shop, help with Frances and Mr Devaney's wedding and all while dealing with a spiteful cousin.

The whole puzzle behind this mystery takes some surprising turns and add to that the self centered bratty cousin Torie who seems resentful of Allie trying to help her and you are on an ever turning ride through the twists and unexpected turns to solve the murder. I like a good mystery that has unexpected problems and suspects turning up in it and this one has just that.

Nancy Coco has another wonderful hit with this book. You will get caught up in the mystery and won't want to put it down.

I loved this book and series. 5+ stars

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Release date is Aug. 29, 2017