Monday, May 30, 2016

A Fun and Quirky Cozy Mystery A Killer Ball at Honeychurch Hall by Hannah Dennison

If you enjoy a fun, fast paced, unique and quirky cozy mystery you won't want to miss A Killer Ball at Honeychurch Hall by Hannah Dennison.

Kat who is an appraiser and antique dealer has been summoned to look at some paintings to see about selling them to help with repairs at Honeychurch Hall. When Kat stumbles onto a body from many years before the suspicion seems to point at Iris her mother.  Who killed this woman years ago, how did her mother fit into this mystery and what is she hiding from Kat? How can Kat help discover the story behind this murder and maybe clear her mother while trying to keep the suspicion off of her and trying to keep her mother Iris and Iris's brother Alfred out of trouble. Then when Bryan Laney, who mysteriously shows up at the estate just when the body is found, is murdered it looks like Iris or Alfred or even Kat could be the prime suspects. How can Kat keep herself and her mother out of jail and prove they didn't have anything to do with the murders before something else happens and can they find the silver that was suppose to have been minted at Honeychurch Hall years ago?

I love British mysteries so I was looking forward to reading this book. It is a very interesting take on the British mystery because it envelops the story of the Lords and Ladys with the servants and travelers which keeeps you  wondering who really is the murderer and why. I just love Iris because she is fun, quirky as well as unique and spunky. She probably makes the story for me with her whimsical ways of looking at things and yet her toughness.  The interaction between her and the Honeychurch Hall Lord's and Lady's sparks an added dimension to the story. This book is fun but more than that it is a good plot with enough twists and suspects that makes it interesting and unpredictable. It is a puzzle within a puzzle with a surprise ending. I really enjoyed this book.

If you are a fan of British mysteries or a fan of Downton Abby you probably will really like this book. It was a little slow at times but well worth reading.

I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Zombie Parade, Festival, Hurricane and Murder What More Could You Want In Killer Takeout by Lucy Burdette

Killer Takeout-1

Killer Takeout A Key West Food Critic Mystery by Lucy Burdette has a festival with a zombie parade then mix in a hurricane and a murder and what more could you ask for in a cozy mystery. This is a fun fast paced mystery that  keeps you guessing and wanting more as you read it. It also includes recipes.

Key West is having it's annual Fantasy Fest with good food, fun parades, crazy tourists and a King and Queen. When one of the royal court is murdered Hayley the food critic who writes for Key Zest tries to find out what happened and to keep her friend Danielle out of jail as the lead suspect in the murder. On top of all the festivities there is a hurricane headed right for Key West to add to the confusion and troubles. Will Hayley be able to help her friend Danielle out of trouble and find the real reason for the murder and the person who committed the murder while trying to stay safe during the festival and storm?

Lucy Burdette gets you wrapped up in the festival fun with her descriptions of the parades, zombies, food and all that makes up the festival. She helps paint a picture of all of it and then throws you into a mystery that keeps you guessing on who the murderer is with  twists and turns and plenty of suspects. She then adds the extra tension of a hurricane bearing down on all the activities and island and it just adds to the suspense of the whole story. You get swept up in all the hub bub of the festival and it just adds a dimension to the whole mystery.  I could just imagine all the fun and confusion that goes along with the whole atmosphere of the festival then to have a murder committed in the middle of the zombie ride where everyone is moving and dressed as zombies adds an element that is unusual to the plot. This is a really good book that I found kept me guessing and wanting more. I can not wait for the next installment in the Key West Food Critic Mysteries. Oh and the recipes at the end of the book are yummy and a plus.

I recommend if you like a good culinary unique cozy mystery then you will want to read this one for sure.

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mystical, Surprising, Clever and just a Good Mystery in Crime and Poetry by Amanda Flower

Crime and Poetry a Magical Bookshop Mystery by Amanda Flower is a great new series. I just loved the book and would love to  sit in the Charming Bookshop and enjoy the atmosphere while reading.

Violet hurries back to Cascade Springs, her hometown she swore she would never return to, thinking her Grandma Daisy is ill. When she arrives though she finds Grandma is not sick at all but just wanted Violet to come home and stay to take over the bookshop as its caretaker.Violet is shocked when her Grandma explains about the mystical shop, the tree, and how the books gives the caretaker messages and now Violet is suppose to be the new caretaker and the books will talk to her. Wow she has trouble wrapping her head around all that Grandma tells her. Not just that but she is surprised to  find how devious her Grandmother had been to get her to come back. She vows not to stay but that changes when Grandma Daisy's friend Benedict is found dead by Violet in his carriage in Grandma's driveway the next morning and Grandma seems to be the number 1 suspect. Violet has to overlook her past in Cascade Springs, the past that made her swear never to come back and   help find who really killed Benedict and prove her Grandma innocent before she leaves. What is Violet to think and how can she prove Grandma is innocent before something happens to her or Grandma and soon so she can get back to her life in Chicago?

This is an excellent surprising mystery with strong characters and plot. Violet is a smart, strong willed and independent woman which is always a plus in a mystery,  Grandma Daisy is cunning, smart, loving and someone everyone loves. These are two women you would want to be friends with. I like that the Mystical bookshop is an important part to the plot. I could just curl up in a corner of that shop and live there. Who wouldn't want to have a shop that is mystical and the books give you messages what could be greater than that? You also have the good looking intelligent yet kind police chief, Chief Rainwater as well as many suspects.

I can not say it enough I loved this book.  One of my favorite lines is when Grandma is explaining to Violet about the history and mystery of the bookshop and that she now is its caretaker,
"You are the Caretaker. You are to care for the tree and shop now. The books will speak to you now." pg 64 also "Not everything in this world makes sense, you only need to believe it. You are the next Caretaker." pg 64
If you enjoy a good mystery that keeps you guessing with a surprise or two, strong characters, add in a mystical bookshop then don't miss this one. Amanda Flower has another hit with this one.

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Edge of your seat suspense in Girl On The Run by Daryl Wood Gerber

Edge of your seat suspense in Girl On The Run by Daryl Wood Gerber

Chessa has everything a job she loves, a loving husband a dream home or so she thinks. Her world turns upside down when she comes to and finds her husband dead by her and no memory of what has happened. Things go from bad to worse when party goers from the Fairytale Ball she planned are found in a meadow massacred. Chessa finds herself the #1 suspect  in the murders and all she can think to do is run. She escapes and goes on the run because she has to try and remember and figure out what has happened and to prove she is innocent? Can Chessa remember what really happened before she becomes another victim? Can she find the truth all the while trying to avoid being captured by the police until she figures this all out and oh by the way is anybody or is anything she thought she knew just all been lies?

All I can say is WOW. This is an action packed riveting thriller. It keeps you guessing right along with Chessa and the police. I like that it is a fast moving plot but one that is not hard to keep pace with. It is an edge of your seat page turner that draws you in and one that you won't want to put down. It has an unique spin on the murders one that has many possibilities for who done it which makes for a good read. Daryl Wood Gerber has a hit with her first suspense,  one you will want to make sure you buy.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Cozy, Magical, Charming, Fun Read in Spies and Spells by Tonya Kappes

Spies and Spells by Tonya Kappes the first in a new series you won't want to miss 

Maggie Park isn't your ordinary girl, no she is a witch in a family of witches who is trying to fit into both worlds. Her sister Lillith and she is always getting into mischief but when a dare goes wrong things get scary, exciting and unsettling for Maggie as she is thrown into an investigation with SKUL.

This is a fun book to read with it's southern charm, mischievous chatacters, magic and one good mystery. What more could you want? I found myself laughing at some of the antics Vinnie, Maggie s familiar car, does. Mrs Hubbard the eccentric, nosey, lonely, busybody next door neighbor reminded me so much of a neighbor we had next door as I was growing up. Add these up with a list of suspects and a good puzzle to figure out and it equels a book you can't put down.

This is a must read book for lovers of cozy, magical, charming mysteries. Tonya Kappes has another hit series and book on her hands.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Mystery To Savor in As Gouda As Dead by Avery Aames

This is one of those books you can read and savor more than once. This is my second time to read it and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time.

As Gouda As Dead A Cheese Shop Mystery by Avery Aames is one you won't want to miss. The series just gets better and better with each book and this book is no exception. It is a great new addition to the series you won't want to miss. It has some great recipes included.

Love is in the air at Providence and every one is caught up in the festivities. Charlotte and Jordan are getting married, couples have come to take part in the Love festival activities so what could go wrong? Murder has a way of putting love on the back burner.  Charlotte has to help the police chief solve the murders so that things can move forward. Can she help solve the murders or will her snooping get her into trouble, will she become the next victim?

I love this book. It was a page turner that makes you not want to stop until you have finished it. I love the way you  can picture the town of Providence and the people. This could be a small town that is familiar to you and the people are so relatable. I know that some of the people in this book remind me of people I know and can relate to. This always is a plus when reading a book relating to the people and place. Who doesn't know a quirky Grandmere or a snooty control freak like Belinda Bell or Paige Alpaugh. I also like that Charlotte is a strong, clever, smart, and loving person that adds to the book. I love that the mystery winds around with twists and turns and multiple possible suspects that keeps you guessing till the end. I have to say I thought I had this one figured out but was surprised at the ending which always is good. I give this 5 Stars and can not wait to read the next book.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Great Mystery For Teens But Enjoyed By All

The Secret A Seacliff High Mystery by Kathi Daley is an excellent teen mystery that I also enjoyed reading.

As a kid I loved Nancy Drew and yes even Hardy Boy Mysteries. I wanted to be friends with Nancy to go out to solve the mysteries with her. I stoked my love of reading and my love of mysteries with these books. That's what this series and book reminded me of my love for Nancy Drew.

Alyson and her mother have moved to Cutters Cove OR and into the old Cutters Mansion after they had to be put in the witness protection program. They have to start over and this is just the place to do it in a small town where no one knows them. Alyson has to go to the High School there, which is new to her since she always went to a private school in her past life, and immediately she makes friends with Mac, Trevor and Eli. They all become fast friends and that friendship grows when they decide to help Alyson solve the mystery of Cutter's Mansion and find all of the secrets the old place holds. Is it haunted by the past occupant, does it hold treasures? This is what they have to figure out and  they find some interesting history as well as some danger while trying to solve the mysteries. Can they figure it all out and can Alyson do it with out anyone finding out about her past?

This book may be for teens but it is just a fun fast good mystery that even an adult can enjoy reading. I love how the author incorporates the history of the family and  mansion with the mystery  that keeps you guessing and wanting to read more. I think this book is good for a teen but we as adults can't go wrong with reading it either.

I will be reading the rest of the series later. This one is a hit. I recommend it.

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