Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reading Dial H For Hitchcock

Ever since I was a little kid I have loved mysteries. It started with the Bobbsey Twins and went from there to Nancy Drew and even the Hardy Boys and then on to any mystery I could get. I always love Ellery Queen and Agatha Christie. This book I am reading this week is by Susan Kandel. The first book I read of hers was Not A Girl Detective in which Cece Caruso has to find out who the murderer is and it is linked to a convention of  Nancy Drew and Carolyn Keene fans. Cece who is known for her vintage clothes and her amateur sleuthing brings back memories of Nancy Drew. This is a fun read and.
I am reading Dial H For Hitchcock by Susan Kandel this week. Cece is writing a biography of Alfred Hitchcock and gets caught up in a murder that she has to prove she has no part in. Should be good.
I recommend Susan Kandel's books if you want a good, fun, fast paced, and nostalgic read. Enjoy and Try one of her books. You can find a list of her books at her website

Question for this week is what is your first mystery that you loved? Mine was all the Bobbsey Twins mysteries.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Murder at the Vicarage

One of my all time favorite authors is Agatha Christie and today I am starting to read "Murder at the Vicarage". This is a Miss Marple mystery and a very good read. When Col Protheroe is found murdered and though he is not well liked by the St Mary Mead villagers they never expected his murder. Miss Marple uses her cunning and knowledge to find who is behind the murder. Always an intriguing read. I recommend any of Agatha Christie's books. Miss Marple is one of my favorite of her sleuths. A little older woman that can be inconspicous which leads to her being able to investigate easier. What is your favorite Agatha Christie read or sleuth?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Books by favorite authors being released soon

We have a lot of new books to rush to the store to get from my favorite authors. Here is a list of the ones coming out soon or have just been released that I know about from their websites.
Avery Aames her next book  "Clobbered with Camembert" will be out Feb 2012 the next book in her Cheese Shop Mystery series. Mark you calenders for this one
Nevada Barr  has a new Anna Pigeon mystery coming out it is the 17th book in this series  "The Rope" is scheduled for release January 17, 2012. Nevada Barr Anna Pigeon mysteries are set in National Parks and are always a good read.

Rhys Bowen has another A Royal Spyness Mystery coming out. It will be released Sep 6 2011 "Naughty in Nice"  the 5th  book in the  Lady Georgianna series. Love these books.

Laura Childs according to her website she has a new Teashop Mystery coming out March 2012 "Agony of the Leaves" the 13th book in the Teashop Series. Don't miss this one.

Cleo Coyle just had her latest book released in Aug 2, 2011 "Murder by Mocha" the 10th book in her coffee house mystery series. Always a good read grab a coffee and enjoy.

James Patterson The next Alex Cross book "Kill Alex Cross" comes out Nov 14, 2011. Alex Cross mysteries always have twists and turns that keep you guessing don't miss this one

Kathy Reichs Her new book "Flash and Bones" was released August 23rd, 2011. This is another Temperance Brennan book and is sure to be as great as all the others. Get a copy now

We have a lot of books to look forward to reading. Never go anywhere without a book you can snatch a minute here and there to read.
Happy Reading

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blood Orange Brewing

Blood Orange Brewing by Laura Childs is what I am reading right now. Theodosia owns Indigo Tea Shop but when a murder is committed she is there to try to solve it. The Indigo Tea staff are catering a candlelight concert to help raise money to preserve an old historic house. One of the guests is murdered and the mystery begins. This is the seventh book in the Tea Shop Mystery series by Laura Childs. It is set in Charleston in the historic district and has a quaint feel to it. You wouldn't expect murder at a gathering to raise money for an old house while everyone is enjoying a string quartet and sipping tea but that is just what you have. Very enjoyable intriguing book. This is a good series and is a fast but good read. I would recommend this book and this series to all. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy reading this book.

Check out Laura Childs other books at her website