Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow, Snow and More Snow

Yesterday it snowed and snowed and snowed and at the end of the day and snow storm we had 12- 14 inches of snow. It was up to the door and in fact when I opened the screen door it would not open all the way because the snow was that high. I didn't get to do any blogging because we were afraid of losing power so I had the computer off. When I thought it was safe to try I turned the computer on and not 5 minutes or so later the power went out. Maybe I jinxed us, but luckily it was only out a minute or so but I decided to wait to turn it on till today. Now after we get dug out I will be back to blog more. It was a good day to read though and guess what I did read the rest of the cozy mystery I was reading. More on that later. Hope everyone has a safe warm day.

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