Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fascinating Historical Mystery

Benjamin Franklin and the Quaker Murders by John Harmon McElroy is a wonderful mixture of history and mystery.

I love history and a good mystery so with this book I have the best of both worlds. John Harmon McElroy weaves a story of murder into the fabric of post Revolutionary Philadelphia using Benjamin Franklin as the main investigator incognito who uses a Veteran of the War to do his leg work and investigating to prove Jacob Maul the father of John Maul who saved James life in the war, isn't the murderer of Mrs Coon or for that matter his wife either. James isn't so sure of Jacob's innocence but promises Benjamin Franklin that he would try to find the truth and help Jacob Maul.

I really found this book to be fascinating and the author goes into great detail to show the reader what post Revolutionary War America was like, the details of the place.and occupations  as well as the life of the people at that time. It really adds to the story and makes it another added dimension to the book as well.as to the mystery.

I also like the fact that the author has Benjamin Franklin using his analytical  mind when he and James discuss what information they are finding about the murders.  The puzzle has so many interesting pieces that combine into a surprising but perfect ending.

This book is an unique mystery set in a historical place with interesting situations and twists in the puzzle that makes you think and puzzle out the mystery right along with Benjamin Franklin and his investigator James. If you like a good mystery, enjoy historical settings and like a good.puzzle that takes you to the end to figure out then you will like this book.

I would recommend this book to history buffs and mystery lovers as well as anyone else who enjoys a good read.

I received this book for my honest opinion and review.

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