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Zombie Parade, Festival, Hurricane and Murder What More Could You Want In Killer Takeout by Lucy Burdette

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Killer Takeout A Key West Food Critic Mystery by Lucy Burdette has a festival with a zombie parade then mix in a hurricane and a murder and what more could you ask for in a cozy mystery. This is a fun fast paced mystery that  keeps you guessing and wanting more as you read it. It also includes recipes.

Key West is having it's annual Fantasy Fest with good food, fun parades, crazy tourists and a King and Queen. When one of the royal court is murdered Hayley the food critic who writes for Key Zest tries to find out what happened and to keep her friend Danielle out of jail as the lead suspect in the murder. On top of all the festivities there is a hurricane headed right for Key West to add to the confusion and troubles. Will Hayley be able to help her friend Danielle out of trouble and find the real reason for the murder and the person who committed the murder while trying to stay safe during the festival and storm?

Lucy Burdette gets you wrapped up in the festival fun with her descriptions of the parades, zombies, food and all that makes up the festival. She helps paint a picture of all of it and then throws you into a mystery that keeps you guessing on who the murderer is with  twists and turns and plenty of suspects. She then adds the extra tension of a hurricane bearing down on all the activities and island and it just adds to the suspense of the whole story. You get swept up in all the hub bub of the festival and it just adds a dimension to the whole mystery.  I could just imagine all the fun and confusion that goes along with the whole atmosphere of the festival then to have a murder committed in the middle of the zombie ride where everyone is moving and dressed as zombies adds an element that is unusual to the plot. This is a really good book that I found kept me guessing and wanting more. I can not wait for the next installment in the Key West Food Critic Mysteries. Oh and the recipes at the end of the book are yummy and a plus.

I recommend if you like a good culinary unique cozy mystery then you will want to read this one for sure.

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