Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mystical, Surprising, Clever and just a Good Mystery in Crime and Poetry by Amanda Flower

Crime and Poetry a Magical Bookshop Mystery by Amanda Flower is a great new series. I just loved the book and would love to  sit in the Charming Bookshop and enjoy the atmosphere while reading.

Violet hurries back to Cascade Springs, her hometown she swore she would never return to, thinking her Grandma Daisy is ill. When she arrives though she finds Grandma is not sick at all but just wanted Violet to come home and stay to take over the bookshop as its caretaker.Violet is shocked when her Grandma explains about the mystical shop, the tree, and how the books gives the caretaker messages and now Violet is suppose to be the new caretaker and the books will talk to her. Wow she has trouble wrapping her head around all that Grandma tells her. Not just that but she is surprised to  find how devious her Grandmother had been to get her to come back. She vows not to stay but that changes when Grandma Daisy's friend Benedict is found dead by Violet in his carriage in Grandma's driveway the next morning and Grandma seems to be the number 1 suspect. Violet has to overlook her past in Cascade Springs, the past that made her swear never to come back and   help find who really killed Benedict and prove her Grandma innocent before she leaves. What is Violet to think and how can she prove Grandma is innocent before something happens to her or Grandma and soon so she can get back to her life in Chicago?

This is an excellent surprising mystery with strong characters and plot. Violet is a smart, strong willed and independent woman which is always a plus in a mystery,  Grandma Daisy is cunning, smart, loving and someone everyone loves. These are two women you would want to be friends with. I like that the Mystical bookshop is an important part to the plot. I could just curl up in a corner of that shop and live there. Who wouldn't want to have a shop that is mystical and the books give you messages what could be greater than that? You also have the good looking intelligent yet kind police chief, Chief Rainwater as well as many suspects.

I can not say it enough I loved this book.  One of my favorite lines is when Grandma is explaining to Violet about the history and mystery of the bookshop and that she now is its caretaker,
"You are the Caretaker. You are to care for the tree and shop now. The books will speak to you now." pg 64 also "Not everything in this world makes sense, you only need to believe it. You are the next Caretaker." pg 64
If you enjoy a good mystery that keeps you guessing with a surprise or two, strong characters, add in a mystical bookshop then don't miss this one. Amanda Flower has another hit with this one.

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