Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Maple Mayhem by Jessie Crockett My Review


Maple Mayhem A Sugar Grove Mystery by Jessie Crockett is a good cozy mystery set in Sugar Grove where Maple Syrup is what most people harvest. Dani and her family have been in the maple sugar business for generations and Dani is taking it one step further by trying to start a coop between all the growers to make it more economical for all of them. When someone starts sabotaging those who are joining the coop and then one of the biggest and loudest protesters of the coop is found dead Dani has to find out who is causing all the damage and who killed Frank before someone else is hurt and the coop falls apart.

Dani is a petite, spunky woman who loves her family and the maple syrup business. She reminds me of a woman I know who never backs down from a good battle and is a smart hard worker. Dani knows what she wants and works to get it even when obstacles, like someone vandalizing the coop members and even murder, are in her way. I love the close knit family and the small community setting too. It is written in a way that you almost can picture yourself right there in the town.

The book was good just a little slow at first. Wish that it had gotten to the murder sooner but once it did it picked up. The ending was somewhat of a surprise and the murderer was not who I thought it would be. If you like a good cozy with some twists in the plot then you might want to read this one. Has some good recipes too.

This is the second book in this series but it can be read easily without ever reading the first book without feeling lost.
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