Monday, April 21, 2014

5 Stars to Murder Gone A Rye by Nancy J Parra

Murder Gone A-Rye

Murder Gone A-Rye (A Baker's Treat Mystery #2) by

This book picks up just where the first one left off. Toni is trying to become a welcome part of the business community of her hometown with her gluten free bakery. She is entering a float in the Homer Everett day parade to try to show she is a part of the community. Things get a little hectic though when Toni's Grandma Ruth, who has been investigating an old murder which Grandma thinks Homer Everett committed, gets arrested for the murder of Lois who was going to share information with her on the murder. Toni tries to keep her Grandma out of trouble and stay out of the investigation but things go from bad to awful quickly when Grandma Ruth and Aunt Phyllis continue to get into trouble. Toni has to find out who is trying to hurt her family and solve the murder before someone else in her family is hurt or killed.

This is a fun book with so many things that you as the reader can relate too. The small town is one that reminds me of the small towns in my area where something in the community is always going on and everyone knows everything about everyone. The Oiltop gossip train runs swiftly through town just like other small towns. The characters make you think of people you know and people you would want to know. Grandma Ruth is feisty and always into something and trouble finds her all the time. She is opinionated, smart and she has away of pulling others along with her into trouble but you just love her and her ways. I love the big family and understand the fun and frustration of big families and Nancy captures this part of the story and it becomes a part of the mystery in a believable way. I think that is what I like about the series is that the people are real and the town, it's people, her bakery all fit and make the book and doesn't take away from the mystery.

This book has everything, a good mystery with an ending that is surprising, family, small town atmosphere, and a little bit of romance added in. This book will not disappoint. If you love mysteries and culinary cozies you have to read this book and series. The gluten free recipes that are included are wonderful too.

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I received an advanced reader copy from the author for my honest opinion of this book.

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