Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gem of a Ghost by Sue Ann Jaffarian Review

 Sue Ann Jaffarian is becoming one of my favorite authors. I really like both of her series The Ghost of Granny Apples Mysteries and Odelia Grey Mysteries. If you haven't read any books in either one of these series you are really missing out. She has another series The Madison Rose
Vampire Mystery Series
that I have not read any of the books. If you want to know more about her books check out her website at

Gem of a Ghost (A Ghost of Granny Apples Mystery, #3)

Gem of a Ghost (The Ghost of Granny Apples Mystery) Book 3 by Sue Ann Jaffarian

Another great book. Each one gets better. Emma has to find out if a ring is haunted and if so why. This book has ghosts, mystery, romance and is somewhat darker than the other two books. Makes for a good book that I recommend if you like the paranormal mixed with history and mystery. The Ghost of Granny Apples and Emma work together to help a ghost that is harming others and they take us on the wild ride with them and along the way we learn a little of the history of Jim Thorpe PA. The book piqued my interest into finding out more about the town and its legends which to me is a plus if a book can do that. Don't miss this book and the others in the series you won't be disappointed.

If you like me would like to learn more about Jim Thorpe PA (Mauch Chunk PA) then check out these sites:

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