Thursday, August 29, 2019

Fun Quirky Mystery

Motorhomes, Maps and Murder doesn't disappoint. Once again I find myself wanting to have a cup of coffee with and join the Laundry Club ladies in solving the problems of Normal KY. That is one of things I like about this book and series is you feel like you could just step right in and be apart of this small town and people. If you add to that the mystery,  southern charm, friendship, great characters and the setting you have a page turning winner.

Mae once again finds herself right in the middle of a murder and all the mishaps going on. She just has a knack for getting into trouble without even trying. Hank her police boyfriend has his hands full with keeping her out of trouble and danger while trying to investigate and solve the murders but that isn't easy. Can they figure it all out before Mae gets in over her head or worse yet loses her campground or life?

This book had all the things I love a good mystery with side puzzles too, several suspects, strong characters,  a perfect setting and a surprise ending. I couldn't put it down and can not wait for the next book.

One of my favorite parts is when Mae gets arrested and when taken to the police station Hank's grandmother Agnes starts arguing and trying to get the handcuffs off Mae. I laughed because I could just picture the younger policeman trying to endure her wrath. I so enjoy these characters and can relate many of them to people I know like Queenie who with her my way or no way attitude reminds me of an Aunt of mine. This made the book so much more fun to read.

I love camping, history and small town living and this book includes all that and more. What a fun book and series you won't want to miss.

If you want a good mystery in a unique setting you have to read this book and series.

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