Monday, August 21, 2017

Another Hit with Oh, Fudge by Nancy Coco

Oh Fudge by Nancy Coco has all the right ingredients, a wonderful setting on historic Mackinac Island, great characters, an unique puzzle and just enough tension that stirs up into a fantastic mystery.

I say this every time but I think this is the best book in the Candy Coated Mystery series thus far. Allie who is a strong, smart, kind person seems to have a knack for landing right in the middle of trouble.
 I just love how dedicated she is to the family business and making her Grandpa's legacy at the McMurphy a success. I have always wanted to go to Mackinac Island and this book takes me there with how the author paints the picture of the island and all its wonderful charm.
The camaraderie of Allie, Jenn, Frances, Mr Devaney and Sandy is another big part that makes this book and series work, they have become one big family and this book makes you feel as the reader a part of their group. Throw in the tension that Trent, Allies boyfriend , who I think doesn't appreciate Allie enough causes, of course I won't give it away but let's just say It just adds another dimension to the story. Oh  boy did Trent get my dander up with his shenanigans, I hope Allie moves on. I like Officer Rex better for her anyway.

Allie once again finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery but this time her cousin Torie is the most likely suspect when Allie finds her over the body in the Butterfly House. Allie had no idea Torie was even on the island and here she finds her holding the murder weapon over the body. How is Allie going to help prove Torie isn't the killer, even when Torie seems to have a grudge against her and stay out of danger herself? Who is the killer and why was Barbara, a person people disliked for many reasons, killed. Can Allie help solve this puzzle, run the McMurphy and Fudge shop, help with Frances and Mr Devaney's wedding and all while dealing with a spiteful cousin.

The whole puzzle behind this mystery takes some surprising turns and add to that the self centered bratty cousin Torie who seems resentful of Allie trying to help her and you are on an ever turning ride through the twists and unexpected turns to solve the murder. I like a good mystery that has unexpected problems and suspects turning up in it and this one has just that.

Nancy Coco has another wonderful hit with this book. You will get caught up in the mystery and won't want to put it down.

I loved this book and series. 5+ stars

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Release date is Aug. 29, 2017



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