Thursday, April 13, 2017

5 Stars for Southern Fried A Kenni Lowry Mystery by Tonya Kappes

Southern Fried (A Kenni Lowry Mystery Book 2) by [Kappes, Tonya]

Tonya Kappes has served up another helping of a charming cozy mystery with Southern Fried A Kenni Lowry Mystery.

I love this series with all it's southern charm, cast of strong characters, a ghost and a good always intriguing mystery.

Kenni Lowry the sheriff of Cottonwood has to find out who murdered Owen Godfrey and still try to hold her job as sheriff at the election coming up. She has so many suspects and motives it is a challenge for her and her every handsome, charming Deputy Finn. Can she solve the murder, catch the suspect, and keep her job?

This book is even better than the first one in the series. Kenni is growing and becoming more confident as the sheriff. She is smart, intuitive, can be emotional and brave. She also has her Poppa albeit as a ghost now,  to bounce her ideas off while trying to solve the crimes like they use to do when he was alive and the sheriff of Cottonwood.  With Finn as her deputy they are a dynamic pair  in solving crime.

Poppa is a hoot. I love how he watches out for Kenni but also pops in at times talking to Kenni when she is trying hard not to let anyone see her talking to the air. How would it look if the towns people saw her talking to no one and it sure wouldn't help her win the upcoming election.

Her Momma is a ball of fire when it comes to defending her daughter. She clouds up and rains all over anyone that talks bad about Kenni and when they are out to elect someone else she, well let's just say, you wouldn't want to cross her on her crusade to get Kenni re-elected even if she wishes her daughter wasn't sheriff she still has Kenni's back. She is the best. I love all her antics and fussing. She is like all of us as Mothers tend to be, Mother Bears, when she thinks someone is trying to hurt her daughter.

This mystery involves a dysfunctional family, an old cookbook, and rivalry that all ends up in a murder that is a puzzling mystery with surprises along the way. You have so many suspects, but not too many, twists, an election, a ghost, an overbearing mother hen, a good looking deputy, and  one excellent cozy mystery that you can't put down.

This mystery has all the right ingredients served up in a unique wonderful cozy mystery that you won't want to miss or put down.

I give it 5+ bookmarks

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I hope you give this book a try.



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