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Get Witch or Die Trying an interview with Mrs Hubbard and review of book

Get Witch or Die Trying  SPIES and Spells book 3 by Tonya Kappes. I would like to introduce you to Mrs Hubbard and thank Mrs Hubbard for stopping by the blog this morning.

Me: What is it like living next door to Aunt Meme and the family?

Mrs Hubbard: Well...when they first moved in I was so excited! A family with two little girls. Who doesn't love to have little girls playing tag, barbies, and hopscotch on the sidewalk. That didn't happen. They didn't play at all. And when they did, they loved to dress up like witches. Their mother let them. Not that I'm watching, but you can't help but keep an eye open when flashes of purple and orange light up their windows. I tried to see inside, just to make sure there wasn't an explosion or anything, but they keep their blinds closed tighter than bark on a tree.
Have you met that nasty Meme? She's the aunt. Who knows where the male figure in that family is, but that old one, not that I'm much younger, but she's flat out  mean. She goes out of her way to make my life miserable. At least, I  think she goes out of her way. If I could afford to leave, I just might up and move off of Belgravia Court.

Me: What makes you so suspicious of them? 

Mrs Hubbard: Honey, weren't you listening? They have strange things going on over there. Strange lights, puffs of smoke, going in and out at all hours of the night. And. . .they never seem to age. Ever!

Me : Do you think you and Meme will ever be able to get along? 

Mrs. Hubbard: I can get along with anyone like bees to honey. It's her that you'd have to ask that question.

Me: What do you think goes on over there? 

Mrs Hubbard: I just don't know. I have used my noggin' a time or two to come up with some sort of reasonable explanation and no one wants to listen to me. Not that I complain. . .much. 

Me: How long have you lived in Belgravia Court? 

Mrs. Hubbard: I've been there for at least thirty years. I can't fully remember. But way before them. You know. Them

Well thank you Mrs Hubbard for spending your Morning with us.
Get Witch or Die Trying (Spies and Spells Book 3) by [Kappes, Tonya]

My review:

Get Witch or Die Trying has all the right ingredients mixed together to stir up into a great, fun, unique cozy mystery.

When Mick is suspected of murdering the women he knows then Maggie is called in to SKUL to help find out who is murdering them and help clear Mick. Will she be able to find the killer, help Mick and continue her life's Journey all before she becomes the next victim?

I thoroughly  enjoyed this book. It really shows how much Maggie is growing and settling into her life's Journey. it is funny at times and suspenseful too.  I like that in this book we see more of who Mick really is and he is learning just how special Maggie is and that he can trust and rely on her. it gets intense and I think the suspicious person watching lurking around adds to the intrigue.

I think it is funny how Mrs. Hubbard and Aunt Meme spar in this one. Mrs Hubbard reminds me of a neighbor I had growing up.  She sure can add a bit of trouble trying keep their witchy ways a secret while trying to help Mick out. I think  she the adds a dimension that keeps this book and series fun.

I know that if you like a cozy with a great plot, that can be funny at times and suspenseful at other times, and has suspects that keep you guessing who is responsible for the murders and throw in the witchy ways of Maggie, Vinnie and her family and you have a must read entertaining fun book and series. Be sure to get your copy, you won't want to miss this one. I can not wait for the next adventure of Maggie and Mick in the next book.

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  1. This is my favorite of the series thus far...and that Mrs. Hubbard LOL! Great review!

  2. Thank you Donna. It is the best yet. They all are great