Friday, January 8, 2016

A Good Mystery is found in Death of a Bad Apple

Death of a Bad Apple  A Food Festival Mystery by Penny Pike is a five star read.
I really enjoyed this book. It has all the right elements suspense, romances, a good puzzle and many suspects to choose from.

  Darcy helps her Aunt Abby with her food truck in San Francisco but when Aunt Abby signs them up for an Apple Festival in Apple Valley Darcy is ready for a little fun. Besides the food, vendors, and hay maze Darcy, Aunt Abby, Jake and Dillon find themselves in the middle of a struggle between the GMO company, arson fires and now murder. This festival is proving to be more than they bargained for. Festival, Apples, Fun and Murder, Darcy gets right in the middle of it all  and she ropes the others into helping her solve the mystery of why and who is behind it all and who knows how it will all turn out?

This is one of those books that keeps you guessing. Just when you think you have it all figured out then it changes course and you have to put your thinking cap back on and try to figure it out again. I love a book with a good puzzle that keeps you guessing to the end and this book is just that.

If  you like a good mystery, strong characters and a good plot within a plot, with a little romance thrown in, then you will enjoy this book.

This is the third book in the series and even though I had not read the other two I find that I didn't get lost in this one. I will however be going back to read the other ones now because I am a fan of the series after reading this one. I would recommend this series and book to others. Oh yeah and don't forget there are recipes too, who could ask for more.

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